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post #31 of 160 Old 10-29-2012, 10:58 PM
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I Ride: 2012 ZX6R
I have these 3.

Icon Alliance:

Good airflow through the helmet with little wind noise.
Not too heavy.

Shield lock makes the shield hard to open and close. I had to force it shut with both hands to get it to click into place

Icon Airmada

Excellent ventilation
Light weight
Multiple shell sizes
sharktooth ready

Very noisy with all vents open

Shark Speed-R Sauer

This is the helmet I'm currently using. I got this one because when I tuck when it gets windy, I can't see straight in the Icon helmets. I had to force my head all the way back and it hurt like a son of a bitch.

Very light
Super comfortable
Optical face shield prevents eye fatigue
Little wind noise
Dual visor/sunscreen

Venting could be better, it's not horrible, but it's not as good as the Icons.
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I Ride: 04 ZX6-R, 07 R6 (Sold), 09 DRZ400S (Sold, but forever in my heart) 2015 XT250
So I've finally gotten around to reviewing the new Bell that I bought. It is the Archangel Helmet:

I came from the Shark RSI (Karma):

I have to say that I really like the Bell. It took a little getting used to as it fits snug but overall I am impressed with it. It has a narrower profile than my Shark (which I wore for 3 years lol). It also feels lighter but I've often wondered if that is simply because the helmet feels more balanced when I wear it. I don't catch any drag when looking over my shoulder at speeds in excess of what is deemed safe for street riding. It has an abundance of ventilation and the visor flips up and down smoothly and securely.

It is also compatible with the transitions face shield which I will be ordering here shortly. The helmet fits as comfortably as my old Shoei and the chin hammock functions WAY better than the one on my Shark; it insulates REALLY well. So much so that I expect I may have problems with my visor fogging in the colder months but I can cross that bridge when I come to it.

The graphics look WAY cooler in person than they do in the pictures. The red pops, but it's not as bright as it seems. I was very relieved at this because I hate bright colors. I LOVE the graphite matte base. I would actually probably buy it in this color as a solid, but it supports the graphics well without them looking too cheesy.

All in all this helmet is very much worth the 190 that I spent on it. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Oh, and it's SNELLM2010 approved, which is kinda important to me.

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I Ride: 2011 blue/black zx6r

Reevu MSX1 Helmet
Add ons-Mercurised Blue front and rear shields

Pros-Only helmet with a rearview system! And it actually works!
-Very comfortable
-Very quite
-Flows air fine

Cons-The mirror can be a pain in the ass to adjust
-Fitment, before I purchased I had my head measured, and was inbetween 2 sizes, so I called them up and asked, they recommended the smaller size. Got the smaller size and its still too big, way too much movement, and at high speeds that leads to wind moving the helmet and making the mirror virtually useless.
-Cost, 5 Bengies! You know how much coke you could buy with that? Well not much but a hell of a good time!
-Shipping time, since its from the UK, expect it AT LEAST a month later, customs was an absolute bitch.

Overall, if youre willing to pay the premium and wait for it to show up, and youve gone a size smaller...youll be a very happy customer. The rear view really is a godsend, its not hd quality or anything considering the image is reflected 3 times, but its clear enough to tell whats going on behind you, and you cant put a price on the feeling of security.
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I Ride: 2011 ZX-6r CPB
Agv K3 dreamtime.

Had this helmet two days and LOVE IT. MAJOR upgrade over my Icon Alliance.
Fits my head perfectly. Much more comfortable and just higher quality all around.
Quiet inside, great airflow with the vents open.

Only complaint is the shield system. There's no lock system, so if I do a blind spot check, or a "look behind for cops" check, the shield will slightly pop open if above 60-70mph. It returns by itself as soon as I'm facing forward, we'll see how that problem goes.
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I Ride: zx6rj1
Thought I'd stick this in here; a link to a UK government site that tests helmets. The tests that they carry out are explained with the scoring system. The reviews in this thread are for comfort etc, this is concerned with safety and ability to protect from impact.

It's simple enough to use, make selections from the drop down menus etc.


Some of the results are very surprising; with some well known brands getting low scores on their expensive models.
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I Ride: 07 ZX6R
scorpion exo 400. had it for a year. love it.

anyone have a shoei qwest ive been looking at one and really want it. not sure how it serves for sportbike riding since the top visor angle is very low.

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Originally Posted by zxrider432 View Post
wow Tyga is pretty nasty on a dirtbike.

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Originally Posted by tbird412 View Post
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Scorpion exo 700. Got it on clearance to replace my old HJC helmet. I love it.

Pros: Good venting
I think it looks cool
smells really really good for some reason
Snell approved
cheap (clearance on sbtg and revzilla)

Cons: a bit heavy
kinda loud
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I Ride: 07 ZX6R
Love it, some what. You better be clean shaved, any stubble makes the chin strap very uncomfortable. This helmet creates a loud turbulence sound at highway speeds. It is alot louder then my Icon Alliance Helmet.

The visor locks and unlocks pretty easy. Opens and closes fairly easy as well. Visor swaps are fairly easy to do also. Yes, I would buy another one at a close out cost tho.

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I Ride: 2012 zx6
Originally Posted by mod27driver1 View Post
anybody have reviews on the Bell RS-1 helmet? Looking to get this over winter.
I have one and i think its really good. Comfortable really soft nice lining. Visor changes easy and you can get a visor that is dark tint when sunny and light at night. I have the shoei 1100 before this and it was twice the price but the rs1 i think is just as good. Pity in aus there arent many colour options i just have a gloss black one with a tint visor it looks awesome

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I Ride: Dumbo
What helmets will yall suggest if you wear glasses? I usually have contacts when Im wearing helmets but now I just have glasses and looking for a helmet.

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Originally Posted by Banikid View Post
What helmets will yall suggest if you wear glasses? I usually have contacts when Im wearing helmets but now I just have glasses and looking for a helmet.

I used to wear sunglasses with my Scorpion Exo 700 before I got a tinted visor. Never had a problem, in fact the helmet actually held them in place really well, and it was never uncomfortable.
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Anyone ever try a Reevu helmet? Im really interested...
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I Ride: 2005 ZX-6R
I have an Icon Variant Salvo, I absolutely love this helmet for the type of riding I do.


It breathes really well
Fits my head like a glove (even with my glasses)
Wind noise is limited below about 130 km/h (about 80 mph)
Aggressive styling


Above the aforementioned 130 km/h wind noise starts to get up there.
The peak makes checking your blindside a pain in the ass above 100 km/h
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I Ride: 01 ZX6R - jetted, D&D full exhaust, K&N air filter, flush markers
Damn, glad I read this thread. Those Icon helmets were my top choice this summer. Seems like everyone hates on them. Their pretty but being wicked loud isnt fun. Im using a HJC CL-15. Its pretty good at city speeds But i wear my headphones kind of low and lost all audio on the highway the other day. All I could hear was wind.

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I Ride: 09' ZX-6R Monster edition
here's mine

Speed & Strength model SS700

Cost: 89$ (at dealership)
Nice tight fit, quick release chin strap vents have mesh to keep the bugs out. 2 rear vents always open to allow airflow. 2 top vents and a chin vent that can be open or closed.
easy fit with glasses on.
rubber breath guard bottom of visor (part of the helmet not the visor) helps a little but visor still fogs slightly below 35-40 degrees
can be noisy at 100mph with all vents open
No D ring to lock helmet to bike(got one at hardware store for 69 cents though)
fogs in cold weather without visor cracked open slightly, but i wear glasses so its all good.
mine did not come with smoked visor, but it's ok i have transitions lenses in my glasses anyways.

overall: whole lot of helmet for 90$

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