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Thanks guys. I'm getting better. This is one month in. And yes those are pins in my toes. Someone told me they look like Corn Pops lol

I want to ride so bad but still have a while!

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Heal up fast, mate.

You do what you can for as long as you can, and when you finally can't, you do the next best thing. You back up but you don't give up.- Chuck Yeager

Originally Posted by Fishbowl
Go ride Badger for it's the only thing that'll make sense at times.
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Glad you were able to get the corrective procedure done.

The one area I haven't gone to dedicated specific riding gear, is with my feet. I do wear steel toed over the ankle padded work boots.... Adding more armor on the side of my toe, and over the ankle would reduce the likelihood of broken bones, and possibly reduce abrasion a bit compared to what I use now..... but the trade off for me is expense and bother.

If I had dedicated boots that were not capable/appropriate for wear in a 'business casual' environment, I'd have to bring along another pair of shoes. That's always a logistics problem, and one I don't really want to deal with.

If I were to put my foot down at 100 MPH, in the boots I wear now, I think it would cost me a sprained ankle, rather than broken toes. I know I feel safer with an armored cover over those extremities.... lots of rocks, and debris which can come up and smack your foot in street riding.

I've known riders who have had their ankle crushed in car/motorcycle crashes; I have seen ample evidence that athletic footwear is equal to wearing a tee shirt and shorts -- not going to end well on a bike -- been there, done that, got the scars to prove it.
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Of course, we should all be aware, it's best NOT to put your foot down on the road.

Let's be honest were not the MotoGP racers as of late that use a technique to "skim" the surface at turn in, under braking as a VERY advanced technique related to their body position on highly specialized equipment. Not saying the OP did this, it appears he did not. Just sayin, the technique we see in motogp doesn't apply and is highly advanced to begin.

So there really is no reason to put your foot down, like the OP did. Look at the result, Corn Pops, ouch !! Thankfully, his ankle was spared, but I'd bet still hurtin a bit. Hope you heal up well bro btw!

Lesson for everyone, solid work boots with a steel toe are surely better than street / sport shoes, but still might not be good enough. which is why race boots have reinforced ankle, sole, toe armor w sliders and built with really solid materials. I use Dainese pro axial in boots and Astars as a backup.

Remember, when bikes go down, many times your ankle could still be in proximity to your rearsets/foot pegs under the a simple low side.

Good motorcycling equipment should always include proper boots, gauntlet gloves and of course a good lid. Optionally, although another very important piece of protective gear is a back protector, I NEVER ride without one street or track after my first high side ions ago demonstrated its worth....but for street riders I'd begrudgingly accept it as optional....

Ride safe folks and let's learn from our fellow riders, GET GOOD GEAR its less painful!
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I Ride: 04 zx6r 636
Thanks for the words guys!

Yea, thankfully I did not damage my ankle on the slightest, which surprises me. I really don't remember how my foot hit the ground. My foot either slipped off the peg and smash the ground or I freaked out from head shaking so much that I put my foot down. I also put my other foot down but that one just chewed the front of my shoe.
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Team Green
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I Ride: 04 zx6r 636
Good thing is I learned and gained experience from this. I'm in no way a beginner but learn all the time. Sometimes the hard way.
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