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As an FYI, a properly seated regular ear plug that is designed to block out as much noise as possible is going to be just as effective as a custom ear plug. There is a physical limit to how much noise ear plugs can block as noise is transferred to the ear canal through your bones. That said, it should block plenty of noise. There's just not going to be a huge advantage to going to something custom from a noise level standpoint. If anything, it may be more comfortable and perhaps easier to seat.

I've mentioned this before once, but my friend also took his helmet into Shoei and they took a bunch of measurements of his head and put together a custom configuration of pads which provided a really nice fit. A side effect he got out of this was significantly reduced noise as the helmet pads are snugged up to his head blocking airflow from under the helmet to his ears. He still uses earplugs, but he went from struggling to hear my voice on his Sena to being able to hear me clearly now.
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Originally Posted by d1andonlyant View Post
A neck warmer tucked up into your helmet helps. Not sure if it's too hot where you are but even on our rare sunny days here I still use one and it's fine. Ear plugs are your best bet really though, I just don't like them

I have a special hot weather 'neck tube' that I soak in H²O that I wear along with ear plugs. I'm so adamant about ear plugs, I keep a pair in each moto-jacket I own, in the pocket of my Dainese perforated leather pants, in my rain gear, in my cold gear, tank bag... you name it.

BTW, I wear a cold weather 'neck tube' when things get chillier. It really does help with noise.

Your helmet is by far the the worst offender/best aid in the battle of noise (behind ear plugs- some cases, even more so). If you want honest reviews go to:

Motorcycle Helmet Reviews - webBikeWorld

They always assess noise when reviewing helmets.
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Originally Posted by commiehunter View Post
A) Make sure you get a helmet designed for your riding position. A full tuck or 3/4 tuck design will be noisier when riding upright like on a Triumph, while a full upright helmet will have odd airflow at 3/4 tuck.

B) Fitment. Thicker neck roll and/or chin curtain to keep wind out. This is part of the helmet's design often

C) More air flow will usually be noisier. This is a tradeoff on helmet design.

D) I'd also recommend earplugs, even for street riding. You can easily hear traffic and other stuff, it blocks out most of the wind tear/whistle and does enhance what you can actually hear of the outside world.

Well stated.

I do a fair amount of Sprint-touring, and have noticed a large decrease in fatigue after riding longer distances/time. After convincing some riding buddies of the benefits of ear plugs, to a man they all always ride with ear plugs.
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