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How to: Fork Seal Change for 1995-1997 ZX6R/Conventional Forks

I made these instructions for my online technical english class and thought i might as well share it with you guys since all I saw was just the inverted fork seal change in the how to guides. I dont know why I cant post in there so they are going here. So here is my take on how i did my fork seals, it seems intimidating but its really not. The torque specs are for the 1995-1997 ZX6R's only for the G & J series apply your torque specs and fork oil specs accordingly from your manual

Tools and Materials:
-2 Fork seals (see manual or dealership for correct seals)
-2 Bushings (optional)
-2 Dust seals (optional)
-Fork oil-10W 325mL each fork(see manual for specifications for 98-02)

-Fork rod puller (optional)
-Fork cylinder holder (homemade options are available)
-Metric or Standard socket set
-Metric or Standard allen/hex socket set
-Breaker bar
-Torque wrench
-Adjustable wrench or metric or standard open ended wrenches
-Car or motorcycle jack
-Storage container for the used for oil
-Fork seal slide hammer

Removing the Forks
1. Make sure you are in a clean environment
2. Start by removing all of the controls/handle bars located on the forks

3. Loosen the top triple tree clamps and top bolt

4. Take a motorcycle jack and make sure the front wheel is clearly off the ground. Remove the front brakes and the front wheel

5. Once the front wheel is removed loosen the fork plug located directly on top of the fork

Note: To unscrew the top fork plug easily keep the fork in the triple tree with the lower triple tree bolts will tight
6. After the plug is loosened, loosen the lower triple tree bolts and remove the fork.

Disassembling the Forks
1. Once the Forks are out, unscrew counterclockwise the dampening plug on the top of the fork plug. This will make reassembly easier.

2. The plug is now the valve that sits on top of a rod. There is a nut underneath the valve that needs to be loosened.

3. Once the nut is loosened unscrew the valve and remove the spring and washers. Put these items on a clean secure place. Do not loose these

4. Drain the used for oil into a container. Pump the rod up and down at least 10 times to remove all of the oil

5. Take your fork cylinder holder and place it in the fork carefully with the rod going through the holder. Spin the holder around until it locks into place
Fork cylinder holder alternative for 1995-2002 ZX6R forks

6. An allen bolt is located on the bottom of the fork (10mm). Hold the fork cylinder holder so the rod does not spin while using a breaker bar and the appropriate hex socket to remove the allen bolt. It is possible to make a homemade cylinder holder to avoid the cost of a dealership tool. A ¾” piece of square tubing can be used as a cheap but effective substitute for a cylinder holder.
7. Remove the fork seal dust cover and remove the clip that’s located underneath the dust cover

8. After the clip is removed separate the fork tubes by forcibly pulling the tubes opposite of each other. The seal and bushings pop out and the cylinders are separated

Replacing the Fork Seals
1. Inspect the lower fork tube for dents or scratches, which could cause leaking, replace if necessary. Also inspect the bushings to see if they are damaged, replace if necessary. Remove the fork seal.
2. Apply the new fork oil to the lower portion of the fork tube and on the inside of the new fork seal. Reinstall the fork seal.
3. Place the fork tube inside the bottom fork holder and use the slide hammer to beat down the seal into place so it is firmly in the bottom fork tube. Reinstall the clip and the dust cover on top of the fork seal.
I made a slide hammer out of an old aluminum bat barrel (the ones that are used in high school) and worked perfectly
4. Reinstall the allen bolt on the bottom of the fork tube using the fork cylinder holder. 39N-m (29 ft-lbs)
5. Fill the fork will the proper oil viscosity and volume. Pump the piston rod up and down to properly distribute the oil.
6. Reinstall the spring, washer, and fork valve/plug. Torque the nut and valve to the proper specification 15 N-m (11 ft-lbs)
7. Compress the spring and screw on the top fork plug
8. Repeat the steps for the other fork and reinstall the forks into the triple tree

If I missed anything or did something wrong let me know. Enjoy.
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