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Originally Posted by randysway223 View Post
Thats a rookie mistake though. 1 Foot down and you can still drop the bike on accident..
You can drop the bike with two feet on the ground.

I mean, I've gotten off pretty lucky so far *knocks on wood* In the 9 years I've been throwing a leg over bikes, I've only had them fall due to other factors such as the kick stand sinking into uneven or broken asphalt.

None of my sportbikes are lowered and when I'm fully geared, I am on my toes (if I want to put two feet down) or half a foot depending on if I'm covering the rear brake or not. It boils down to balance and leverage. If I have to inch off the seat a little bit to get more footing, I usually offset it by keeping my upper body directly over the bike instead of sloucing in the direction of the tilt. I've had my foot slip out on oil before and managed to regain footing because of that. Had I been slouching, all of the weight would have been enough to bring it down for sure.

I'm not sure if that makes sense but it works. I did lower my DRZ because it was just impractical for me to try and make it work with a bike that top heavy on the street.

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When i'm on the liters, i normally am on my toes. Once you're used to it, its very easy to remain upright.

^ Not advisable for newb riders though. When i first started riding, i fell over with both feet on the ground. lol

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Originally Posted by Vampyre View Post
My wife is the same height. I lowered my 250 2in and she could barely tip toe on it lowered, and never became comfortable with doing one foot only.
Im thinking here it's Just Not a good Idea yes one foot is enough But 4,10 she will never be Comfy on that Bike ( and By this she might even avoid stopping even if she is in danger Coz she will be More scared of balancing the Bike )

I think it's a Tough deal

Best of luck to you and her
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There is a walkthrough on line, where some guy shaved and reapholstered his seat and ended up dropping the seat height a good inch or 2 on his sv, for his wife. I'll see if I can dig it up.

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Originally Posted by SpyderX View Post
Not smart to try an Isle of Man jump without first possessing the skills.
Originally Posted by 1Time View Post
regardless, it's irrelevent. The op's scenerio was getting away/out running.
I'm sure if there were a chase, the chase would be longer than a 1/4 mile. Unless we were stuck in a fast and furious movie.
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I'm rockin 5'1" 120lbs. I finally bought a zx6r last week. I can tip toe on one side. I'm a little nervous about it. When I ride my kx125 I have to do the same, but it's a lot lighter!
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Her height isn't so bad. What's her inseam? You can do what other have stated and do the 250 or 300, and when she's ready, she can get on a newer GSXR with no problem once you lower it.

You just have to drop the forks, add a steering stabilizer to offset the quicker steering, shave and sculpt the seat so it's lower and more narrow, either get a rear shock spacer or lowering link and go down 2-3". Then get her in a pair of ADV type boots with a thicker sole.

It can be done, and she can be comfortable with some work.
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Roaring Toyz makes a 5 in. lowering link for the Ninja 250 (08-12), and you can soften the suspension to drop another inch or so. You can use this at the full 5 inch drop without playing with the forks at all. There's also some fully adjustable links out there for the bigger bikes.
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I just bumped up to a 626 from a 250. I was really glad to start off nice and low and enjoyed it for a year. My husband lowered the 250 2 inches and let the pressure out of the suspension as well. I'm 5'2''. Highly recommend the 250, great starter bike. I'm tippy toeing it on my 626 but loving the power!! Learning to ride all over again... Fun stuff
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When I learned to ride, I was always taught that you are supposed to be on your toes anyway. Being able to flatfoot with two feet promotes poor technique I was told. That said, I don't care a whole lot about my 96 zx6r getting dropped, so I taught my gf to ride on it. (its also my only bike). She got her learners, and in Saskatchewan there's no mandatory lessons. You write a written test and you're legal to go riding with a few rules.

So we go to a parking lot, and her first stop she sets her foot down and ... oh... tipping... tiippppppppping... and as it was falling over I just ran up and yanked her out from underneath. She dusts herself off, I tell her to stand her ground and she tries again. Away she goes. All that story, to remind you that it's going down anyway so put her on a light bike to start and gain confidence. I'll be buying her a 125 or 250 before she's riding on her own. --and she can enrol in a proper course with a real instructor haha.
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I've gotten a feel for my zx6 and I am making the decision not to lower it! Woot woot!
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I am 5'4". Bought a zx6r, slammed it and bought frame sliders. Bike is so low I can't carry a passenger without bottoming out the undertail.

Not going to lie and say I haven't dropped it...spend the money on frame sliders. You'll kick yourself later when you have to spend the 4 or 500 on new plastics if you don't.

Now that I am used to riding and comfortable on the bike, we are ready to raise it back up a bit. She will feel better with both feet as much on the ground as she can. Even if that's not the "accepted" way to ride.
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Originally Posted by trixter2003 View Post
Says the one with boobs in your avatar. Nice lol
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Have her try a 2007 or earlier Ninja 250R. They are lower and have a softer suspension than the later year models, and she will probably be able to reach the ground.

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Have you guys seen the search tags for this page? LOL!!!!
Look at the bottom... lmaooooooooooooo
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