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Newbie Mistake of the Week

Alright boys here's the scoop...

04 636 B1... From the dealership with a severe knock.

I get greedy and decide to start her up and ride her 30miles to my hardened kawi vet of a mechanic.... 25mi later, at a stop light, motor seizes, and wonderfully heavy billows of light smoke burst from my fairings.

Now this isn't the newbie mistake of the week (I'm getting there).

Buy used motor with 9k (conveniently matching my ODO reading) and commence the turning of wrenches.

10 hours, 100's of S#!T A$$ F%$@'s, and 1 butcher of a first motor drop later, I have a pretty 636 engine on the floor and a new one in the box.

I'm sure you guys are curious, so I'll explain the initial malfunction. Pull apart the motor and I get to find an obliterated valve actually broken and jammed in the head...multiple pieces of piston floating around. My guess, squid before me got her way too hot, perhaps lack of oil. I'll show pics when I get the chance.

Back on the subject, however. I commence to turn wrenches again, and fight my way to a complete bike again. Couple squirts of starter fluid and that huge successful smile can't leave me face. I put her all back together, referring to manual when I get perplexed by kawi's genius or lack there of on occasion.

She starts and runs fine, until I actually hit the highway...

1st is tight up to 9k rpm... starts to slip....
2nd is tight up to 8k rpm...starts to slip...
story continues throughout the gears.

My prognosis... CLUTCH.

Back to the garage where my butchered old motor is scattered about. I find my old clutch, and pull the plates....they look good 8/10, no marks, and plenty of friction left.

Commence the turning of wrenches. Pull out current clutch plates, and to my ever confused self, they're in even better condition 9/10... now I'm confused....but I do notice the four springs are a lot looser than the old clutch (seeing as I ruined numerous allen wrenches in the process). My prognosis, tighten 'em up.

Back to the highway...same issue, and now I'm both confused and furious. I invite my bro's over to sit and talk about our feelings...aka drink our faces off!

Back to the garage... I stare at the beautiful machine wishing I could figure out the problem. I stare at the 100's of pages of kawi drawings...until... lightbulb.

Newbie Mistake of the Week: When reassembling the bike, I put the clutch cable on slightly wrong. In detail: the little black bracket that hold the the clutch cable on the the clutch cover. I had the 2 adjuster nuts on the same side (the side closer to the front of the bike). This didn't allow the cable to be tensioned properly, in this case too tight. The problem wasn't the clutch slipping, it was the clutch never being fully engaged in the first place! I move the cable, adjust the nuts and WA-LAH! Runs like a champ!
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now how silly do u feel lol

i think we all have rookie moments from time to time

its not what u know its who u know!!
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nice, glad to here u got that sorted out, maybe when im stuck with a problem, ill just invite someone over and get plastered, and go from there seems to work for you lol!

now go ride!!

thats what she said.....
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Momma says...stupid is as stupid does!

Sometime's that's what it takes though, lots of beer and a good long hard look at what you're dealing with.
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Lol... Dude, wanna come over and fix my bike for me? This is not a noob mistake... This is a lapse in judgment. lol. All is good though. I'm glad ur on the road again.

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Vu is special
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Glad you figured it out, I spent a week trying to figure out why my 6E lost power over 30 or so. All it was was a disconnected ram air, of course its the last thing I checked. Props on all the work you did though.

Keep it in the Family

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my newbie mistake was when i was riding and while doing decided to adjust the steering damper to full hard and bike felt nice bending until i came to slow down for the roundabout dropped 2nd to 1st rear locks a bit and bike came facing roundabout andf#@k couldnt turn the handlebars and ended up un the roundabout still not knowing what happened
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Congratulations on joining the Clutz Club, to be honest I think we're all paid up members one way or another

Many people have Therapists.... I have a motorcycle
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nice one

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Originally Posted by pucksdown View Post
Drums had absolute control at full lean!
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props to you brotha......sounds like that was lil work glad to hear its running good
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Sometimes things like that need to be experienced to be learnt.....

I've had that when replacing radiator hoses and sat their looking at a manual just perplexed and the light bulb goes bing about 20 mins later while taking a dump or something.

Coulda been worse, you could have taken it to a dealership and that be found be a mechanic and be the story of the week at the local.


Arlo's Thread on Rider Awareness

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I Ride: 2003 ZX6,7 & 10r ALL IN ONE
Yeah I'm glad she's on the road! Cheers mates...everythings worth more when you do it yourself. Stay tuned for more bonehead lessons
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hahah well done sir. i applaud your persistence.
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Randomly clicked on the link to this thread at the bottom of another thread with noob in the title and now im slightly worried :-s Is taking the engine out of a B1h really 10 hours of work because im taking mine out on friday and was hoping to start at lunch, have the lump out by dinner time kinda thing?? lol


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