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hooked battery charger up backwards

Help I have an 06 zx6r 636, and went in a few days ago to charge the battery, and I didn't turn on all of the lights in the shop and managed to hook up the wrong cable ties that come from the battery to the wrong polarity. They are hard to see color difference even in the light. Got a little bit of a spark for a few seconds and then quickly unhooked the charger. I charged the battery and tested it, and it appears to be holding a charge. I checked all of the fuses including the ecu and main fuse and they are all fine. I went around to the back of the bike and kicked the tire as hard as I could and went back and turned on the ignition switch and still nothing. I didn't have the charger on, but for a few second, what should I try next? Maybe kicking the front tire? I'm charging the battery off the bike now, and I'm about to go back in and put it back on and hope for a miracle. If no miracle need input on what to check next.
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Could he have blown a relay somebody.?

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do you get any lights at all?

if not then it's probably the 'KISS' kicked in... Mine did when my alarm drained the battery, I had to use my red key to get everything back.

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Originally Posted by oldninjadude View Post
Could he have blown a relay somebody.?
Yeah check fuses too...I know the main fuse will go with reversed polar...I think
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Fuses don't blow due to reversed polarity. A fuse only blows when its rated current is exceeded, and in a DC circuit, it doesn't matter which direction the current is flowing.

If the charger wasn't hooked up yet, then I doubt you fucked anything up. Depending how long the bike has been sitting and age of the battery I would venture to guess the battery itself is just bad. Take it to an auto parts store and have it tested. It's a free service, plus it's the first place I'd start troubleshooting. Your battery may have enough power to turn on all the lights, but it takes a huge (relative to all the other loads) amount of juice to turn the starter. That's why the cable running to the starter is so much larger than the other wiring on a vehicle.

Also, don't just take a voltmeter to the battery, see 12 or so volts, and determine the battery is good. You need to see how many cold cranking amps it provides compared to when it was new to determine if it needs replaced. I buy motorcycle batteries at the auto parts store for around $55 and have the store slow charge it for me (another free service).
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The charger was hooked up with power for a few seconds. I am getting no lights of any kind when I turn the key on. I will take the battery and have it checked out, but it's a great gel battery and quite new. And even if it wasn't up to snuff there would at least be lights at the speedometer when I turned the switch on. How about a relay switch?
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And the bike is a low miles bike and has always run perfect. It has quite a few upgrades and I run with the 1000's at the drag strip. Fun bike and perfect condition before this bumble. You can bet this won't happen again.
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I've never heard of anything called a kiss kicking in. And both of my keys are black.
Are you talking about something that needs to be reset? Because I'm not getting any form of lights whatsoever.
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Chances are something in the wiring harness is now charred and showing melted insulation and bare wire.

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Which model do you have? There is a main fuse by the battery. The one you see is not the actual fuse it is a extra fuse there is another fuse in the same area. If you have 12 volts or really even 9 volts something on the bike would either light up or make some kind of noise. If you got nothing then it is this fuse. I know it sounds stupid but I did this on my 636 and was like what the hell? I changed the fuse and tada she turned on. This is due to the exhaust came loose on my bike and melted the harness, I replace the harness and discovered the undercover fuse. LOL

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Not really sure if these bikes have fusible links or not but cars do. As stated earlier fuses will not blow from reverse polarity just from shorting out or drawing too many amps. Relays just control circuits.
Usually there are parts of wiring smaller than the rest designed to burn up(fusible links) with diodes in them (which do stop current from flowing backwards).
Sorry I couldn't help more with specifics but hope the information helps and someone else knows.
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I have the zx6r 636. If the fuse you see is just a spare where the hell is the hidden one that is in operation The one I looked at was there in the open facing the outside of the bike after you take off that cover. I took something like a screw driver and popped it right out. No wonder it wasn't burnt if it was a spare. I'd like to also know more about where that light weight fusuable link would be, that sounds like a safety release for the wiring harness.
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