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G1-2 hugger fit j1-2


Can someone confirm if this rumour is true I'm looking for a hugger to fit my j1 2000 model was told that the g1-2 fits it as the j1 is more expensive option ??
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Now, for the most part, here are the differences comparing the "G" to "J" Model bikes.
-Upper Fairing only had 1 headlight, used different windscreen, and air ducts, but the entire rest of the bodywork will swap out.
-Used a different gauge that is wired differently.
-Gauge stay/ Fairing stay was different and not swappable
-Swingarm is the same, just the "J" Model had a "Knife Edge"
-98-99 forks were spaced about 3/16" narrower than 00-02 and were 1 1/4" longer for over-the-clamp handle bars.
Fender mounting is slightly different, but you can go either direction with some minor modifications to the fender.
Brake calipers will bolt up (virtually any ZX caliper will fit except the radial mount style) , supposedly the 00-02 had less fade.
-Front Fenders were slightly different.
-Charging system was different, as was the ignition system, so for people looking to do a engine swap, either will work, but you must use your existing pickup rotor, stator, and harness including coils.
-The "bottom end" of the engine was the same, but from the cylinders up the engine was different internally.
-The gas cap had 5 bolts instead of 3
-Steering Head Bearings were tapered roller (timpkin) instead of the roller ball bearings used on the newer ones, either can be used with the correct races.

Now to compare the "J" Model to the the ZZR600
-Simply put, the ONLY difference was the fairing stay, and it eliminated the "bird cage", and can be used on the "J" Model, it will work on the "G" model as well, but only if you have the "J" Model Headlights and upper as the headlight mount is different and the overall shape of the upper is different.

So to put all this in simple terms, the 00-02 ZX6R "J" is IDENTICAL to the 05-08 ZZR600 with the exception of the fairing stay which can be used, so ANY PART FOR THE 05-08 ZZR600 WILL FIT THE 00-02 ZX6R "J" AND VICE VERSA!

Now for a little more info regarding other bikes.
-05-10 ZX6R Wheels are all the same
-98-04 ZX6R Rear Wheels the same
-05-10 ZX6R Front Rotors are all the same
-98-10 ZX6R Rear Rotors are all the same size and bolt pattern, they just went to a "Wave" rotor in 2005
-98-10 ZX6R Front Sprockets are the same CHECK PITCH 2003 went to 520!
-98-10 ZX6R Sprockets all have the same bolt pattern, 2003 they went to 520 from 525
-98-04 ZX6R Mirrors are the same stud spacing
-05-10 ZX6R Mirrors have the same stud spacing
-05-08 ZX6R Swingarms are the same, in 07 they changed the look slightly, but still the same bolt spacing and sizing.
-03-08 ZX6R Clip-ons are all 50MM and work with each other.
-03-06 ZX6R Top Triple Clamps are the same just look different
-03-08 ZX6R Forks the same dimensions are the same, just 03/04 had smaller rotors so the caliper mounts were 10MM shorter.
-03-10 ZX6R Calipers all bolt up, 03-06 ZX6R Exactly the same 07-10 ZX6R went to Nissins which are a much better caliper.
-98-10 ZX6R Bar Ends all the same
-00-10 ZX6R Gas Caps interchangeable
-06-10 ZX10R Front Wheel same as 05+ ZX6R
-04-10 ZX10R Rotors the same as 05+ ZX6R
-98-03 ZX9R Rear Rotor same as the ZX10R/ZX6R
-98-04 ZX6R Passenger Pegs the same
-05-10 ZX6R Passenger pegs the same
-98-10 ZX6R and ZX10R Rear Calipers are all the same
-98-10 ZX6R Cush Drives are the same piece
-98/99 ZX9R Front Rotors are he same as he "G" and "J" and ZZR600

Now for the Parts Swapping Information!


-03/04 ZX6R Rear Wheel is a direct bolt on, the front wheel needs the 05+ ZX6R rotors to be used. Always use the spacers for the generation wheel you are swapping for a direct swap.
-05+ ZX6R Rear Wheel can be used, but is skinnier and needs either new spacers made or spacers added to what is there, the front wheel is a direct swap, but the newer rotors are needed as well.
-06+ ZX10R Front Wheel is the same situation as the newer ZX6R.
-00-02 ZX9R Wheels fit, but the rear is 6" instead of 5.5" and will need spacers made and the chain lined up, but the front is a direct swap.


-03/04 ZX6R Swingarm is the same as the 98-02 in size, but it has an extra tab or two for more Hugger Choices.
-05-08 ZX6R Swingarm bolts on, but the corresponding wheel needs to be used for it to be direct bolt on, also a longer chain and brake line is needed.
-02/03 ZX9R Braced Swingarm will bolt on with minor machining overall width and bearing swap out. Luxeryliquidator knows the details, PM him for details. not as easy as the 636 swap, but different!
-09/10 ZX6R Swingarm, i have not swapped or seen it done, but i had heard of people doing it on the 05+ bikes, and if it can be done on them, it can be done on ours just as easy, and it seems like a simple swap for the most part, but no definite information on it yet.
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Welcome to the largest Kawasaki ZX6R Forum for the Kawasaki ZX6R, ZX6RR, 636, and ZX6.
hope this helps it helped me, some spot on bloke done all this ,on this forum ithink fair play to him
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@scoot33 Holy crap, man, that was a butt ton of useful info right there, cheers!
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