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Bad throttle response/no pull when hitting the throttle?

hey guys,

So my bike's been running like money UNtil this past week. Im Gettin real sluggish response when i rip on the throttle. I mean like i open this son of a gun up, get on it ya know, and my rpms are NOT matching what im doing with the throttle. Even when i get in the power-band im not gettin the same pull.

Now, idk if its cause im running rich/lean mixture, or if its the clutch/clutch cable, throttle bodies, need a new air filter? etc? Not quite sure and its really botherin me ill be honest. So, i thought id ask for some advice..

P.S. also been running kinda hot? like cruising 75mph at 190F temp. Literally just put some new engine ice in there two weeks ago, i do ride kinda hard, rarely get up into 5th-6th gear, average temp is anywhere from 75-85 degrees where i live. Kinda bothers me too cause i should be operating between 175-180F

2008, no PC or fuel controller, just two brothers exhaust, everything else stock with some accessories.

I will add, if it helps, when I'm stopped then go to take off in first gear, i hit the throttle and my rpms lag (don't match what I'm doing with the throttle) and all of sudden ill get a quick shot of power, like a little blip/burst, kinda trying to say the bike like all of sudden jerks and takes off just for a sec.
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im thinking air or fuel... have you checked anything like the air filter or the fuel strainer? running hot kinda sounds like air intake obstruction. clutch shouldn't be doing what you're describing.
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When the last time the bike had any maitence done to it like spark plug change, airfilter, oil change, coolant flush? Slipon exhaust wouldnt cause it to run hot could be thermostat isnt workin properly are coolant needs to be changed or low check the basics and report back.
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As far as the 07-08 models go 190 is running cool. That model runs hotter than all the other ZX6Rs, my 07 pretty much never went below 190 in the summer.
It sounds like you've got a fuel delivery issue. Hows the idle, does it lope at all or want to idle lower than normal?

If you want the breakdown on fuel management systems, take some time to read this thread.
For a walk through on pulling FI Codes, check out this thread.
Questions about Flashed ECUs vs. Fuel Controllers? Try this one.
Got a Z-Fi TC System? Read This to get an idea of how it works.
Here's a link to some Kawasaki Service Manuals that I've got hosted for everyone's use.
And please check out my blog for more sage advice and technical ramblings.
Some basics about braking here.
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slipping clutch?
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190 is not hot and did you just change plugs?
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Thanks for the replies..

Changed coolant 2 tweeks ago (engine ice), havent checked my plugs or air filter but i plan on doing that this weekend. idle is around 1200, when i start it up and let it warm in the mornings once it gets to around 144-145 you hear it start to do a "chugga chugga chugga chugga.. chugga chugga chugga chugga" different tempo if ya get that.

Agent007, slipping clutch was a thought but i do want to lean toward an air/fuel problem here because i can kinda even feel the combustion (sounds stupid i know) through the throttle and somethin aint workin the way its supposed to.

PS, other threads ive looked at regarding clutch slippage people have said if it was slipping i would definitely know, so maybe i can rule that out. Till then suggestions are much appreciated, thanks again.
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i been having the same problem . my 07 zx6r is running hot. hot days im around 200 around town. also i am getting the same noise/misfires. i changed my thermostat and haven't noticed a significant difference. also put a new set of spark plugs in. I been really worried about this since its my first bike. i keep reading around that this temperature isn't too much of an issue since these bikes tend to run hot. (still alarming though) any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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