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Help! Motor CLANKING

Hey all, I've searched and searched to no avail. I can find plenty about ticks but that's not me. Here's the story,
I was out riding and around a turn I hear a loud pop then like a metal grinding noise for a second, when I pulled over I could hear a very loud metal on metal clanking noise. Sounded like it was just under the gas tank. The engine did not seize, and as I rode it home very slowly it was spitting out white smoke. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? The bike will start it just makes that scary clank, it will shift and ride and everything but spits white smoke when you give it gas. Could the CCT cause that much noise? should I tear down the motor to see what I can find? Any input is appreciated
Bike has about 15k miles on it
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If u heard a pop and theres sound of metal clanking around in there then dont start it up anymore. How much white smoke is there?
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I can't believe you rode it like that! It's tear down time. Start with the tank, bodywork, etc. Look inside the air box...there may be some "shrapnel" in there....

Drain the coolant and inspect. Drain the oil and inspect. Good luck!
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^^White smoke out of the exhaust..... you now have a source of coolant entering the cylinders....... clanking = very bad news for bearings, etc. Stop now, before it gets any worse.

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Yeah, that engine is done.

Find a replacement because there are now metal shavings throughout the entire engine and transmission. Ebay is likely going to be your best bet.
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Had that happen on my Honda. Stopped for gas, started and marbles in a can.
Shut it down, cam chain tensioner broke in my case.
Good chance that is what happened to you.

How many miles on the bike.

And yes, pull it apart to confirm what's broken. Sell the case bit's, stator etc.
eBay is your best bet.
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Update: drained coolant everything looked good
Drained the oil and there were metal chunks in it
So the motor is fried? What if anything is salvageable and what do I need to put to the side to sell as I tear it down?
Buy a full motor? Anything I need to watch out for when buying a used motor?
Thank for the help

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ya motor is fried. You might be able to salvage simple stuff like the clutch and its related parts. Probably motor side covers and maybe even some top end stuff. Plus the cases possibly. bolts and what not.
Used motors are basically a crapshoot. So try to find someone you trust. Me personally, I would take a swing at a salvage auction bike. Get a motor and spare parts to boot for less than a motor on ebay.

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