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Running a viper alarm on my kawi was mandatory at the dealer back in 06 when bike is financed. Never had problems althou mostly garage kept. Saw a van one pull up next to a gixxer two dude stuffig it in the back and take off. Felt helpless i was 16 and happen so fast. Chain ur bike to a tree pole fire hydrant anything is the bestwhen left outside.
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The secrete to not having your bike stolen is lending it to THUG for a week or two.

Then nobody will want it after he slid down the street a few times on its side trying to impress the Tweens with wheelies!

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I got an alarm that triggers if bike is moved or key turned, also i have a cover and it is always under that cover when parked.I know that it wont draw unwanted attention from people passing through street or sidewalk.

I live on the first floor, so there's no way to park inside.(apartment).

I liked the idea with the string and hidden alarm.
I'm also thinking about a wireless camera with motion sensor...
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Originally Posted by MistressOfMayhem View Post
Haha damn, I wish this article had been up "back in the day" my buddy has had almost every bike he has ever owned stolen. Every time the cops came out it was a quick description, a couple of scribbles, and that was it.

This is pretty much my luck, without the recovery. He'll I had a bike stolen in Lakeland Florida 8 hours after I bought it. I put 200 miles on it for a ride back to Texas and it was taken the first time I stopped. Sadly had to get a hotel and was on the 2nd floor. I slept for all of 5 hours and came out to a total loss.

Turned around and bought another one when I got home and it got stolen 8 months later while I was eating lunch...

In both instances the police just scribbled some notes and left me standing there.

I hate thieves.
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Originally Posted by SteveZZR View Post
I know it won't stop anyone pushing my bike away but I have a switch parallel to my stand switch that's hidden in the bike out of site.

This means if the steering lock is broken and the ignition is forced it'll start and run in neutral. On my ZX6E (believe all Kawi are the same) the stand switch only cuts out if the bike is in gear and you release the clutch. This switch i fitted can.make the bike think the stand is down; thief breaks steering lock, forces ignition barrel, starts bike.

Tries to set off and engine stalls as clutch is released. Thief restarts bike and tries again, probably with more revs this time, having "stalled" last time. This attracts attention and they'll hopefully give up or get caught.

Far as i believe, you have security to stop an opportunist and you have insurance for a planned theft. Guy i work with had an SV650 stolen in a planned theft.

They took two cars out of the garage, took the bike out the garage and put both cars back. Believed to have been a couple of days before the theft was.noticed - after he saw some dirty little chav riding it round the rough part ( featured on 'Skint' on Channel 4 earlier this year)

Edit: anyone used a roadlock? Them disc locks that mount up on your caliper and you just fit the lock barrel to activate them?

I had a RoadLok when I had my R6. It actually is a really good lock system. It's really easy to install and it is easier to carry that pin rather than a full disc lock. If you have Geico or a few other insurances, they'll give you a discount.
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good write up ...shit i use 2 disc locks and cable lock when im worried where i am and thats on top of the alarm i just installed.....i use two disc locks cause theyll lift it on one wheel and role it away like a hand truck ....cable lock to keep it stationary ( really should be using kryptonite NYC chain but dont have extra $ for that right now) ..alarm with proximity sensor,shock sensor,immobilizer(just in case put gun to your head takes bike you can shut it down via remote)and ignition disable so they cant hot wire.......i ride my bike all year long and sometimes in sketchy neighborhoods im an exterminator so i go where the money is and i live in nyc where they'll take it if it not nailed down.....dam when the weather broke into spring they stole two bikes from people i know also on ebay or other sights they sell gps trackers that can give you location of bike in real time that you can wire into your bike some have back up batteries some have remote kill and can stop bike in its tracks.....there common among the truckers

keep it safe lock it up they'll skip you and go to easy target
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I keep it in the garage, and when I'm at work... We convinced facilities to move the motorcycle parking space to right in front of the receptionists desk.

I'm not sure what would happen, but she says she'd make an Announcement over the loud speakers if she saw anyone screwing with them. It'd be interesting...

Everywhere else... Really good insurance...


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theft deterant

I think my bike is fairly safe at home when in my garage out of sight but my worry is when i'm away from home. I tend to carry a large padlock and chain so i can physically attach it to something - these bikes weigh so little two strong guys could simply pick it up pop it in the back of a van - no immoboliser or disc lock is going to stop that.
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saw this a while ago, idk if it's been posted here before but it's an interesting insight into the mind of a professional bike thief... it's kinda long but a good read...

EX Thief & "chop-shop" operator AMA : motorcycles
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very interesting article - thanks!
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Originally Posted by asqrad View Post
I think my bike is fairly safe at home when in my garage out of sight but my worry is when i'm away from home. I tend to carry a large padlock and chain so i can physically attach it to something - these bikes weigh so little two strong guys could simply pick it up pop it in the back of a van - no immoboliser or disc lock is going to stop that.
yeah. physically bolted down is the only way.
My gsxr was taken from a bike parking area in Westminster London by a few guys in a thrifty hire van. Friday 5pm peak hour and broad busy daylight in all on cctv as well. Then they went and got some another bike in the van. And they say london is full of traffic cameras so if the van is about they would get picked up as i reported it shortly after but they still got away!
Police say this is pretty normal in London and that the steering lock, wheel lock, alarm are useless/ as good as don't count for security to these guys.
They did catch someone and put him away I'm told. No restitution etc coming my way though, they reckon it's in bits in Europe most probably.
Was first day I rode it to London this summer - had weekend of track days organised. ha!
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Great article & following comments.

I have used my past sportbikes (VFR750F {X2}, CBR900RR, CBR954RR, CBR1000RR, R1 {X2} & Ducati 996) as sport touring vehicles; & now my ZX-6R. Some of my "tricks" whilst touring is: try to get a ground level room and stow it in the room over night. I don't wheel it in until right before I go to bed - I don't want to be seen wheeling it in/out of the room. Tools of the trade whilst travelling are multiple locking devices of different guises. Conventional disc screamer, locks with high sides that make it difficult to cut the actual hasp portion of the lošk. Hitch locks through the rotors.

Locks on front & rear so that the bike can't be rolled up on one wheel and merely rolled away. If the bike cannot be rolled into my room I try to roll it close to a wall, I cover it and cable lock the cover to the bike. I cable lock front & rear wheels together... Don't get cables that are much longer than the job they are intended to do - this makes it harder to cut the cable.

You might ask why I use redundant devices? Thieves are typically lazy gits by definition. Thus, when they see my bike they move on to any number of lesser secure bikes. Basically it boils down to really having to work to steal mine, or opt for the one that only has the keylock securing it.

In reality, a dedicated thief can take it away if they have the intent. I simply want someone else's look more appealing than mine.

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I agree got a tracking system along with an alarm system installed on my bike right out of the Lot. Should my bike go missing the tracking system company will cover a majority of the cost of the bike if they are unable to find the bike within in one month.
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I would put a James Bond system where they touch the bike they get electrocuted or flames shoot out.
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