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Originally Posted by PainfullySlo View Post

I am curious what causes that much damage? Up here we get frost heaves a LOT. Like, our track changes every year from it. We go out in the spring at 75% because we know there will be at least one new 'feature' on the track surface.

I am assuming that frost isn't an issue down in Texas. What causes all those issues?
I'm sure being 3 years away from half a century old doesn't help. What I know about it is that the ground settled more than they thought and that f'ed some stuff up. It has a super speedway as well and seems like they couldn't keep up the spending they needed to in order to keep the facilities up to snuff, so they lost the pro races in the early 80's. And once you have that large of facilities and track, and can't get that big time revenue you are kinda screwed. Also, for the last 3ish years it was supposed to be THE LAST RACE EVER AT TWS because it is going to get torn down and a neighborhood built in its place. But every year there are more delays and red tape, so who knows if that will ever happen. The club is grooming NOLA to replace it and with Heartland Park being resurfaced and likely added to the calendar for 2018 or 2019 TWS will probably get phased out over the next couple years.
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Originally Posted by jd41 View Post
Kyle racing has some good deals on Ohlins shocks. I would give them a call. Kyle Racing - Roadracing Motorcycles

This is one of their ebay listings. Price 1,119$. Ohlins TTX GP Shock Kawasaki ZX6R 636cc 2013-2016 KA338 New TTX GP Series 1 | eBay
It's funny you mention that, I was JUST looking at that exact shock. It is the GP 1 shock though, not their latest GP 2. Although I'm sure it will still kick ass.
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Originally Posted by ninjaman89 View Post
It's funny you mention that, I was JUST looking at that exact shock. It is the GP 1 shock though, not their latest GP 2. Although I'm sure it will still kick ass.
I'm sure it wouldn't make much of a difference, maybe an improvement by 0.001 a lap . You can always call them and see if he lowers the price more without those ebay fees.
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I've used Öhlins on a 996 S; an Öhlins on a R1; Penske 8987 3-way adj. on another R1; and a Elka triple adjustable on a CBR 1K RR. I have not used the K-Tech. My two most favourite shocks were the Penske and the Elka (I really liked the Elka). I think I'm going back to the Penske for the 636, though.

K-Tech is big in Europe/WSB-WSS & BSB because they are British, show up at all the races and are essentially forced into the same level of support if they wanna go head to head w/Öhlins. This is not a bad thing.

One ought not loose sight of the fact that sport bikes/cars are big business in Europe where they are generally well supported by sizeable fan bases for each. Whereas NASCAR & H-D are still & will always be the Big Deal in the USA.

Penske is not forced into hosting a big army of support at local roadracing events. Which probably speaks to the why Koni never got into racing shocks for sportbikes - not enough insensitive to tango with Öhlins for such a small market. Remember Yamaha used to have a big financial stake in Öhlins.

Elka is a Canadian firm, and are a big player in MX & Quad racing. And because there is less sportbike demand, and is substantially less populated than Euro/USA markets they haven't cultivated the sportbike market. Plus, at the time Elka was first getting started there was a substantial difference in the relative weak CND $ vs the strong US $; labour costs were noticably less N of the 49 parallel.

I don't know for sure one way or the other, but I would hazard a guess that because of their respective socialism policies in their respective homelands that Elka, K-Tech & Öhlins receive various state backed insensitives, whereas Penske, of course would have no such benefit.

As others have noted, one really cannot go wrong with any of the major players in the suspension business. I initially got started using Penske for two reasons - both were (are) important: as has been noted by other ZX-members who have had personal experiences with R1s, these are in many ways fabulous bikes, but every single R1 made since the '98 model to the present has always longed for a substantially better shock (& forks until the most recent models) than they left the factory with. I know, odd with the Yamaha/Öhlins connection.

And at the time I was riding on the street and seguing R1s to the track, Penske was really 'the cat's meow', even better than the vaunted Swedish brand. The second reason I went with Penske was the local suspension gurus, used to be Circuit 1 (my '02 R1 was actually their mule for developing their fork kits & Penske shock settings), which became GP Suspension was based in Portland. Well, the owners of Circuit 1 split, which brought about GP Suspension formation. GPS, since has moved to Seattle. And now EDR has filled that void. See, even politics on a private & local level alters our view of reality. On a personal note, I love that EDR is much more than 'just' a suspension shop. BTW, they are FABULOUS to work with.

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Originally Posted by Petrolsexual View Post
I don't at all doubt New Hampshire is bumpy and I haven't ridden it. That being said, I've seen youtube videos and for shits and giggles I google mapped it. After looking at it and then looking at TWS, I think there is enough filler and patches in this roughly 0.25 mile stretch of TWS to have completed most all the repairs I could see at New Hampshire. And the other 2.65 miles of TWS aren't a whole lot better. Not that that is a contest you really want to win though haha.

We have a track near me called Streets of Willow which can be pretty bad...it's nothing compared to this.
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