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My first wheelie was on my wr250x, I was trying to get use to clutching it up in first... I gave it to much throttle then dumped the clutch and almost passed 12 oclock... thank god I was covering the rear brake.

She was a fun little bike.

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Im still working up the nerve
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My first wheelie was pretty cool

i was out riding a friend showing her the new 6 and we hit a straight stretch of road that was completely deserted.
she asked me "how fast is this thing" so i cranked the throttle down and powered up in first. I leaned foward and brought it back down as i shifted into second and POW huge power wheelie in second that i couldnt let down. We rode that shit out til it dropped on its own and pulled over to catch our breath. Scary and neat at the same time
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eh, i was figuring them out with my r6 a few years back... but thats back when i was young(er) and dumb(er) than now... im too attached to my ninja to start stuntin around like that on THIS bike (since i so neglected said r6). ive done power-ups on the zx6r but nothing more. i think i WILL buy a "stunt" bike just to play around on, somethin INTENDED to sratch up and drop and still be ok with it.

do what ya do tho, good luck, and maybe post some vids? maybe later on you can go back and reference our vids and compare progress
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Ah, the first Wheelie. Mine was accidental and was accomplished while on my last bike (03 R6). It startled me so much I would have shit my pants if my butt wasn't puckered so tight. It was during the 1st week I owned the bike that I experienced my first wheelie. I had just started to feel comfortable on it since I had started on a Ninja 250. I was on a side street, no people, no cars anywhere in sight. I thought to myself, lets see what cracking the throttle feels like on a 6. I was in first traveling at about 15 MPH and abruptly cracked the throttle. The front end reared up instantly, the tank slammed into my gut knocking the wind out of me as I closed the throttle almost as abruptly as I opened it. Front end came down hard but thankfully without wobble. I pulled over to catch my breath and check my pants for

Since then I have attempted power ups, some successful, some not. I don't try them all to often and haven't worked up the seeds to try clutch ups.
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Originally Posted by Crashz28 View Post
My CBR900RR was the best when I took it for a test drive the salesman at the dealer watched me go by the shop doing a staggered standup, when I came back he said you have to buy that bike now I said yep shes going home with me!

A bad day can be turned into a good day with a good wheelie! Even if its on a bicycle!
I could only imagine what the salesman was thinking hahahahahaha and youre 100% right.. never a bad moment while doing a wheelie, unless you cant keep the rubber side down
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My first one was completely unexpected. Was out riding with a group, and the ex ole lady on the bike when we went to get on the interstate everyone cracked the throttles and when I did she wasn't expexting it and neither was I. Next thing i kno front tires up past 10 o'clock shes damn near squeezing me in half but hey it was fun as hell once the shock wore off lol.
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My first wheelie was entirely unintentional. It was on my 1988 Katana 600 that *ahem* bought new. I had just passed the 'dealer recommended 1000 mile' take it easy threshold so I had never really gotten into the throttle of it.

My friend and I were both going down a 3 lane road which was empty and he cracked the throttle. I did the same and the front end came up about a foot which I carried for maybe 100 feet or so.

Now, that said, I have now been riding 29 years, have won expert level races across america...and I *still* cant ride a decent wheelie to save my life :-p

Sure, I power wheelie on pretty much every start, and the ZX will bring the front up when I am banging hard upshifts if I catch it right, but I cant intentionally clutch it up.

Mostly, like others, I have way too much respect for my bikes to beat on them like that but I think I will look to pick up a beater stunter just to learn on, only because I plan on taking a national championship this year and you *need* to do a victory wheelie if that happens...and I dont want to eat shit in front of everyone when doing it :-p
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Ah! you had the ol' nut buster shifter on there!
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....Am I the only one who had trouble reading OP's post?
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My first wheelie was at the racetrack and was unexpected.

Was 2 years ago at NYST. Was going harder and faster throughout the day and at some point in the afternoon pinned it over wheelie hill, the front wheel picked up, and by the time it came down I was in the weeds off to the left of the track. Anyone who has been there knows that wheelie hill bends to the right immediately over the crest and they definitely lack ample run off.

Anyhow, front wheel came down, went off the track at about 90mph, and wrecked. Was knocked out cold and the bike took a good tumble. Not fun.

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Providing my buddy a ride home from a beer-soaked party, I(oops), stood my kz900 straight up. Unbeknownst to me, he wasn't holding on yet and his Chuck Taylors' chunked up into my armpits. With his knuckles dragging the asphalt behind us, we sped away from the party towards the Ludlam canal. I managed to bring it down and to a stop with no more than 16 feet of road left before the gravel bank. When I close my eyes, I can still hear the whistles and applause.....

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Anyone else getting a good chuckle from some of these stories?

I've done a few power on wheelies but don't feel like doing a clutch-on wheelie, although I might try it someday.

I had my ex on my old 2002 zx6r in 2nd gear and decided to crack the throttle. I didn't even think of the extra weight I had on past the rear tire (her riding) and since she was on the front end came a good 2 feet off the ground lol.
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First wheelie was on a suzuki 80 dirtbike. Didn't mean to, almost crashed. Was basically trying to get it going and I was still pretty new, so I popped the front up HIGH and damn near whiskey throttled.

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