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Anyone ride alone?

Had my bike for a yr now and I'd say 99% of my rides have been on my own, after moving to new area and not knowing anyone, wondering how many of you go for ride outs alone and do you get bored? I see a lot of bikers when I'm riding always in groups of two or more.

I have been out with another biker once and really enjoyed the ride more, stopped off for a beer chat ect it just made the ride out so much more fun.

I'm looking for local bikers for a meet ride to loomies cafe Alton I'm from bracknell Berkshire

Here's my beast
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2015 zx6r with sc project crt custom system awaiting hell brake lines
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Know what you mean mate, I normally ride with a mate or two....sometimes in the mood more for a solo ride but when you have a mate who rides at a similar riding pace I find it more enjoyable. Having said that, more than a few and it gets worse imo. By the way I'm loving that pipe!!!
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I Ride: '09 ZX6R
If you find a way to ride across the pond, I'd be happy to share the road with you.

It's rare for me to ride in a group.... even less so, a ride with more than maybe 3 bikes involved. I may ride with another bike on purpose, to the same destination twice a year. In a group larger than 3, every few years is about as frequent as that gets.

It's not that I would be against riding with others -- it's more a matter that I don't like the increased risk that typically occurs as a result. I don't have the time to ride with a large enough group of riders to find ones that I could ride with at a pace that I find fast enough with low enough risk.

It's entirely possible to ride faster on public roads than I am willing to allow myself to run... I know what risk I am willing to accept for what level of reward.

"Basic stuff fellas. Use your head for something other than to break your next fall."

"There's this adage that we have 2 ears and one mouth so we should listen twice as much as we talk. Unfortunately with the Internet people have taken this old adage and turned it around. They have two eyes and 10 fingers so they think they need to post 5 times as much as they read. And since they have 10 fingers and one brain, they only have to think 10% of the time! "
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I Ride: '05 ZX6R
I am not a big fan of group riding. Everyone decides to to stupid stuff around their friends. On the other hand, I will ride with one other person. Usually one of my good riding friends. That's not bad at all.
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I Ride: 2013 Ninja 1000, 2015 ZX6R
I like either riding with a few good friends who I know and trust or just ride solo. I avoid large groups as there are usually too many varying degrees of riding skill involved and that can sometimes cause problems. That plus the larger the group the higher the odds of having a knucklehead in the bunch!

I have been taking most of my road trips solo and it works out better because I can be on my own schedule, ride for as many or as few days as I prefer, and can go at my own pace.

I do have a couple of good riding buddies that I hook up with about once a week for local rides.

Nothing better than riding with a few friends in the grip of a shared obsession.
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I Ride: 07 zx6r
I ride alone most of the time bc people are here act like idiots on bikes!
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For nearly 30 years on the streets, I almost always ride alone. It is my Zen time.

Lately, with the community being what it is I will occasionally go out for a group ride but it is always for a destination, not the ride itself. I always end up as sweeper, which is fine, but it does not make for an enjoyable riding experience for me.

I enjoy the scenery and alone time most of all.
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I Ride: 2006 zx6r, 2010 r1 and 87 Honda CBR 600 hurricane
I almost always ride alone. I enjoy it more. The few times I do ride with people it is always the same two friends.
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Lone Ranger over here!!! Feel same as you do when I do see groups of other riders.. but for the most part I'm alone on these two wheels !!
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More than a few bikes and some asshole is going to ruin it for everyone. I tend to ride with people my own age or older (34) as when you throw a young person into the mix you tend to have to watch out for them because they won't! If you're the type that likes you just cruise and enjoy the fresh air and scenery, then group riding can be great, but when you get one person who can't keep both tires on the ground and like to grab a handful of throttle all the time then things can go south pretty quick. Where I'm from a few years back it was nothing for there to be a group of 30 of us riding but due to dumb people doing exactly what I said, a young guy got killed when three of them decided to race and one caught loose gravel going over a bridge and throwing him into a guard rail. After that everyone sort of stopped showing up and a lot got rid of their bikes. Suck that a few dumbasses ruin it for everyone else.
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I Ride: 2012 ZX6R
Usually ride by myself but I really only rode with my best friend because he is the only guy I trust riding behind me or in front of me
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2012 Ninja ZX6R
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2007 ZX6R( Deceased 3/1/16 @ Laguna Seca )
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I Ride: 2015 ZX6R (street), 2013 Panigale (track)
like many of the others have said, unless I am on a track, I too ride alone 99% of the time when riding street. Usually off hours and on a 80-90 mile loop I know well. I am lucky enough to be on track 2-3 times a month, so the only real reason to ride on the street is for therapeutic purposes or breaking a motor in. Just never did the group thing; allows my entire focus/awareness to be on the environment, my ride - not others
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I Ride: zx6 j2
i usally go out with bikers i know and how they behave ,its handy as well as something does go wrong you got back up

zx6r j2 mods done ,,
+4 ignition advancer ,k&n filter ,factory pro ti jet n needle kit ,14 t front sprocket ,zx6r 04 headers ,r1 2008 de-cat with dual carbon cans ,zx6r 07 clocks ,zx636 a1p clock /screen mount ,shorty titax levers ,r1 2008 rear end and subframe,hel braided lines ,zx6r 06 swingarm,zx6r 06 rear shock,zx6r 06 forks with maxton internals,zx12r 320mm front discs ,r1 06 calipers ,r6 06 m/c
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I Ride: '08 ZX6R \ '05 CRF 450R
You should check online for a riding group in your area. I'm up in Scotland, and joined two groups in my area. Both like touring about, and do to odd overnighter. Real mix of ages, but everyone rides safe and within the group rules of "courteous road use" when group riding.

It actually helped bring my riding on a lot when I started as there were some ex police bikers and some other very good riders that had a nice pace but without ripping the arse out of it.
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I have only ridden with someone once and it was a blast. I just don't know anyone that rides which is the problem. I did join a facebook page with local riders from my area and that has help put me in contact with people near by. I am actually riding out to the coast this Thursday with a guy. Maybe do some research and see if there is a facebook page for riders in your area.
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