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I Ride: 07 ZX6R
Best Mods for ZX6R

Hey guys, just wondering what you guys think are the best mods to do to your bikes! i'm looking to do a few simple and cheap mods to enhance riding and performance. I'd love to get a two brothers slip on as well so if anyone has a review on that it would be cool. thanks for anyone who helps

07 ZX6R "Aleiah"
My Bike Build:

Originally Posted by zxrider432 View Post
wow Tyga is pretty nasty on a dirtbike.

Rack city bitch rack rack cittyy 10 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 20s and 30
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Sprockets and jumper mod. Best performance mod for your buck, hands down. ( one is free !)
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I Ride: 01 ZX6R, Too many to remember
Stainless Steel Brake lines range around 150
Very good no more mushy feeling in the brakes

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i love my ss brake lines but I think sprockets are a great investment for some bang for your buck as well

Scorpion Slip-on
SE Wheels
DB Windscreen
SS Brake Lines
SI Street Cage
RSC Clutch Lever

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the rider mod seems to be best one out there
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I Ride: 2007 ZX6R
i agree with all of the above and i also have a 2 bros slip on. i have the silencer tip in it as well. i didn't think it was extremely loud but it was a nuisance in my old hjc. overall i like the exhaust but hated the undertail/lights that came with it and i rigged up the stock lights up underneath using part of the 2bros kit. it looks ok but if i compress the rear too much i tag the license plate. i'm all of 220 and this doesn't happen often. i also run a lot of preload but i like to make it around a corner. i also recommend a servo eliminator and ditch the servo. i love my stainless lines btw.. the stock hoses by now on your 07 are toast. the difference between the two is amazing. i'd change the oil in the forks too.

Make sure you're valve cover recall work has been done too.

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I Ride: 03 ZX6R
Stompgrips. They really help with body position, and keep you from slamming the boys under harder braking.

'03 ZX6R
-'05 Swinger and Shock -'08 Speedo/Tach -LeoVince Factory Full Exhaust -BMC Race Filter -Factory Pro Velocity Stacks -Driven Block Off Plates -Ram Air Mod -Factory Pro +2 Ignition Advance -PCIII w/Custom Tune(@111hp) -Rifleman Short Throw Throttle Mod -GPR V4 Steering Damper -SuperSprox -1+2 -RK-GB520GXW Chain -EBC HH Pads -StompGrips - Woodcraft Frame Sliders - Puig DB Tinted Screen -CRG Shorties -Smoked Tailight w/Integrated Turns
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Originally Posted by silversurfer View Post
the rider mod seems to be best one out there
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if you go down one tooth in the front and up 2 in the rear do you need to get a speedohealer?

how much will you be off on your mileage and your speed?
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I Ride: 07 ZX6R
I did -1/+2 on my 07 zx6r and I think I was off 16.7%
Bu you could probly put a speedo healer on a stock bike and make I closer.
I got the DRD speedo healer and I love it.
I did scorpion slip on and gutted my exhaust, cheap and sounds good!
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yeah ill second that on stomp grips had my 07 zx6r for about 6 months had my stomp grips on about 2 weeks and now i can get my knee down i dont know why but i trust leaning of the bike a little more, braided hoses yes and exhaust isnt major if you aint got the cash dont waste it on an exhaust

ZX6R Race Bike 2007 - View here for my build thread

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Suspension. Get it tuned for your body weight. All the performance mods in the world won't help it handle better. Suspension will.

And like SilverSurfer said... Rider mod.

Spend time perfecting your craft.

“Why do I ride as number 69? Well, it’s a number that you can still read when the bike is upside down after a crash." - Nicky Hayden

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I Ride: 2011 ZX6R
Originally Posted by silversurfer View Post
the rider mod seems to be best one out there
I'm still waiting on mine to be delivered

Originally Posted by rodas6r View Post
1nastyZ and zxnasty, forum a-holes, and heroes
Originally Posted by MonsterZX View Post
lol I am picturing nasty coming rolling off the bike and then just jumping up out of it and goin into a gas station buy a monster and start drinking it like nothing just happened
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you're not the first who comes along wanting to look good. but i'd be the first to point at you and laugh while picking up your poor bike you just dropped in front of everyone.
Originally Posted by kninja View Post
beef curtins
AKA Princess
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I Ride: 2008 ZX6R P8F
Best thing you can do for speed is the sprockets. No question, no BS, hands down.

For handling... Not my area of expertise typically... But even in my field, drag racing, a properly tuned suspension is a playmaker. Get it tuned.... Find the right, QUALIFIED person to do it, and you won't regret it. You WILL turn quicker times.

I'm the forum troll. No doubt about it.
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I Ride: 2005 Titanium ZX6R
Best mod out there to go faster is taking a proper riding school!
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