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Question Can't Decide what bike to buy

Hello Guys!

So i'm planning to buy a bike this month or early next month but i'm a little stuck. Theres a few bikes i've been looking at, mostly 05-06 zx6r. Let me know what you guys think reliability wise, maintenance, which is a good deal or think can be negotiated, which looks like it might have problems now or soon etc thank you!! and definitely pics after i buy!

Bike 1:

Blue 05 636 with clean title. Owner says: bike is in perfect condition with 4.5k miles around. Never been down. rides conservatively at 4-5k rps and never redline

mods list:
1.10k bi xenon HID
2.k+n air filter
3.puig double bubble sliders
5.905 swing arm sliders cowl with stock seat
7.adjustable levers
8.fender eliminator
9.custom plate light
10.custom pinebox exhaust
11.lowered vortex
12.frame sliders
13.Pinebox Exhaust

Price:$5,500 with exhaust 5,000 with stock

Bike 2:

Silver 06 Tribal Edition 636 with flames and 4670 miles. Owner says: Mint condition

1.Custom exhaust-didn't tell me which one
2.smoked windshield


Bike 3:

Black 08 yamaha R6. 4800 miles. Owner says: bike has been down from being hit by his friend coming out of the garage with another bike. I took a look at the bike since it was close by, isn't detailed and a bit dusty, has scratches on the right side and right handle bars. also small amount of scratches on left side. Bike is completely stock

Price:$5800 - when i visited him he said if i would take it he'd do $5500

Bike 4:

Lime Green 05 ninja 600 with 5000miles(not sure if this is a zx6r or not please let me know
Owner says: very good condition, synthetic oil changes, never been dropped, garaged when not ridden.

1.fender eliminator kit
2.Yoshimura underseat exhaust
3.Gold kit all around
4.custom front windshield


Bike 5:

Black 08 zx6r with 3500 miles. Owner saysne owner bike,mint shape, never down all stock


Bike 6:

Black 08 ZX6r Special Edition with 8500 miles. Owner says: One owner bike, No scratches, always garaged, never ridden in rain, never been tracked or redlined, went 170 on it though once O.O is that as fast as it can go? hahahaha

Galfer smoked stainless brake lines
Galfer wave rotors front/ Galfer rear rotor
Beringer front calipers
Harris race levers
Michelin pilot power tires
Stock wheels powder coated gloss black/ Also have a set stock chrome wheels with the stock tires. Tires not mounted.
MJS race header
D&D rear undertail pipe
K&N air filter
Vortex adjustable rearsets
Gilles chain adjusters/ plus hooks for rear stand.
Vortex front sprocket/ went down 1 tooth.
Pit bull rear sprocket/black
Vortex sprocket nuts/black
Rear axel nut/Black
Silver chain
GPR steering stabilizer
Rizoma oil cap
Rizoma bar ends
Rizoma mirrors
Frame sliders
Gloss black rear hugger
Gloss black one piece front hugger off 09 Zx6
Gloss black rear seat cowl
All flat black plastics changed to carbon fiber
Smoked front directionals
Smoked rear integrated taillight.
Smoked windscreen/ Has a stress crack but still have stock windscreen.
Bike stands Front and Rear
Has most stock parts to go with sale

Price:$7500 - but i've been talking to the guy and he's willing to sell me everything for $6000. The bike looks beautiful and sleek in the pictures i saw of it.

There was another 08 zx6r with 2500 miles and around $5-6k but it's in yellow, not sure if i wanna roll in that kinda color, dont hate me x.x

Anyways these are lookin to be my choices!! I'm so stuck because that last bike looks like such a steal but i don't know about bikes and if they're reliable with mods like those or if extra maint is needed because i don't know much on bikes at all. My budget is 6k. Thanks for all the feed back and sorry for the long read!
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I think there is a reason why you posted the 636 first. You are already telling your self to buy it. I have an 06 636 and it has been the best bike I have ever had
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Well a lot depends on personal preference I know for me, I am working on buying a stock 03' because I want to do all the work and make it MY custom Bike.

That Said it depends a lot on what YOU would like to do If money is no object and you like the monster one go with Bike 6 its all done up for you all you have to do is ride(which may also be perfect this close to season)

If not that pick the one of the others that you like the color the best and get that they all seem to be well kept and low mileage so I'm not terribly concerned on condition
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Haha, tbh i'm really thinking about the blue 636 and the 08 zx6r but i'm inexperienced about bikes so not sure with the pricing and mods which bike would be better. The 08 zx6r just looks so good, i'm taking a look at the 636 today though so
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Since this is going to be my first bike, i'm probably not going to mod it much after i get it myself, i sorta just want something nice to ride thatll last me 3 years around, by then i think i'm going to buy a new bike and make it my first real custom bike
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I Ride: 03 ZX6R, 07 VT750DC
Lol and take it from someone who has ridden them all skip the R6

P.S. if you dont Buy #1 PM me the info
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Can't Decide what bike to buy

I would personally choose the second bike. First off it is a 636 and we all kno they are just the best, secondly it has less mods than the other bikes and is "mint." I'm not saying more mods is a issue for anything but when it invokes bikes most people will agree half the fun is making it your own and customizing t to how YOU want it so those bikes with long mods list probably won't have those same mods once you get used to it and start doing your own thing with the bike.

As far as maintenance most mods don't require extra anything once they are set up properly they are their purely to "enhance" the bike whether it be performance or cosmetic but all maintenance will be the same.

Been a member on this forum for years, despite never actually owning a zx6r.....
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Bike 6 with all that work and never been to the track It's possible but when buying something used I always assume lies. Personally I'd be all over bike 5 that's stock with low km.
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Hey, welcome to the forum. If any of these are in the Allston-Brighton or Cambridge area, I could come take a look at them with you.

EDIT: Bike thoughts.

Bike 1: Is a 636, so more torque at these low speed Boston streets. Mods are very "standard" and common. I'd get it with stock exhaust, and buy your own for <$500. Owner STATES that he uses conservative rpms, which means that he's a conscious rider. That's always a good sign, and probably means he babies his bike.

Bike 2: Slightly newer version of Bike 1. A few years of age is not a big deal for bikes. You don't get the conscientious owner of Bike 1.

Bike 3: R6? Wut. I hear they have low torque at low rpms, which is terrible for city riding.

Bike 4: "Only" a 600. Bike seems fine, but nothing makes it stand out compared to the others. I'd cross this one out.

Bike 6: This is one is intriguing. Owner says never tracked, but that seems dubious. Look at all his mods. And a considerable number of those mods are performance related (Gearing, exhaust system, brakes, fuel system, race levers?).

He also has a decent amount of miles on it, which suggests the bike was regularly used and not neglected.

I think this one is your best "deal" in terms of money. I'd probably go with Bike 6.

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#5 but talk them down to at least $5500.

Ride GREEN or don't ride at all.
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#1 or #6

I'm not big on the looks of the 07-8 though, so I'd go with #1.

Try to talk down to 5250 with exhaust and it sounds like you got a well maintained and tastefully modded machine
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2 or 4.
4 looks like ZX6RR.
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I would go with the 06 636 no crazy mileage and and its a great buy for what it claims to have so go get it. Got pics?

2013 WHITE 636

DDM HID 35W-6000K,M4 GP Style Exhaust,Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen,Shoei RF-1100 Rollin' TC-5/uclear hbc200,Spiegler braking system,Trexracing frame sliders,PCV,Servo Eliminator V3,Intergraded taillight,BMC Air Filter,CGR lane spliter left mirror,Ohlins steering damper,Techusa tank grips
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bike 1 fa-sho'

Pazzo shorty levers, driven gel grips, zero gravity double bubble windscreen, flush mount turn signals in the front with LED rear brake light, LED license plate lights, rear fender eliminator, HID headlights 8k, front stainless steel braided brake lines and K&N air filter, Shogun frame sliders, Vortex front/rear sprockets...for now.

I uppercut kittens when I'm not listening to Nickelback in my brand new pair of crocs.
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Originally Posted by HondaConvert View Post
Well a lot depends on personal preference I know for me, I am working on buying a stock 03' because I want to do all the work and make it MY custom Bike.
^^^^^ +1

Bike 1 seems to be the more stock looking of the bikes. You can make it your bike. The mods listed are almost cosmetic and light performance/maintenance. I'd say get it with the stock exhaus and, raise it back up to stock height. With the extra $500 saved you can take that and spend a little extra on 07+ Nissin calipers/ss lines and a slip-on of YOUR choice. Mileage is also on the low side.
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